Brian Byrne is a local radio personality in Halifax, and he got to see DJ Ashba.

Brian Byrne talked on the radio and wrote on his blog about his experience of seeing DJ Ashba.

Actually, he wasn’t talking about DJ Ashba at all! And that was the funny thing. He was of course writing about Axl Rose and how much he loves Axl. But of course no “personality”, local or not, can openly admit to being Team Axl, because Axl is officially an “asshole”.

So Brian Byrne used code in describing his encounter with DJ Ashba, to make it about Axl. He talked about “massive ego” and he said “I stand by it”- he meant of course he stands by Axl, although he dared not say that openly, because of, umm, Slash, or something something.

It’s ok Brian. We hear you. We know. We know that stable full of absolute gentlemen. Personally, I wouldn’t be as scared as you are, and I’m not afraid of saying Axl’s name- see I do it all the time on my blog!! But you made me laugh, and your heart is in the right place. It’s ok. You can say Axl if you want. It’s 2016 now, no one will judge you for it.


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