The Princess had had an amazing summer. Iran, Italy. Sometimes with mother’s family, aunts and uncles, sometimes with father’s, more aunts and cousins. Beautiful food: juicy rich kebabs from traditional kebab houses in Tehran, lovingly prepared authentic khureshes and polos from the hands of grandmas, fantastic Italian pastas and pizzas. Look at the Caspian Sea, look at Mount Damavand, look at Lake Garda, look at the Coliseum, look at Michelangelo’s David, look at Florence from the top of the Duomo, ride in a gondola. Gifts showered upon her- some expensive (gold necklace! android phone!) some not so much (fancy stationary! pretty clothes!), but all with love and hugs and caresses.

There was always another child there too, or maybe children, in all these travels, all these emotional gatherings and wanderings. They were invisible, but always there. Stella. Stella was not part of the family, but she lived in the Princess’s soul, and she was there with us, every step of the way. Stella lived inside the Princess’s ipod, which is her soul. Stella controlled the Princess’s moods, her joy and sorrow.

Stella provided commentary on our everything. On our clothes and hair- the Princess sent her pictures. Stella told the Princess she needed a big binder for school, so in August we had to go hunting for big binders and school supplies. Stella monitored the school supplies we bought the Princess, and evaluated them. Stella can do this from 5000 miles away, because Stella is magic. Stella is helpful. Stella isn’t mean or malicious, she just knows everything better than everyone else in our family does, and she knows the best way to do things, and the Princess is bound to her.

Stella knows the best way for everything, and she tells the Princess how to do it. And the Princess has to do it that way- any other way is bad, and stupid, and wrong. Stella knows. If the Princess doesn’t do everything the exact same way that Stella tells her, the Princess’s heart shatters.

Stella has thin eyebrows, and so no matter how many pictures of Cara Delavigne and Brooke Shields and Michelle Dockery and Jennifer Connelly and Elizabeth Taylor we show the Princess, she still hates her eyebrows and wishes every day for thin eyebrows like Stella. Stella is more beautiful than all these other women, and the Princess knows this is true. Stella also has thin flat straight pale brown hair, and so the Princess also hates her own glorious thick mane of soft sparkly curls.

Stella and the Princess are away, at a school trip tonight. I asked Princess to call me in the evening, and she said only if Stella calls her mom. Stella controls everything, and Stella can tell the Princess if it is right or wrong to call mom. The Princess can’t tell by herself. We are so lucky we have Stella to guide us in everything.



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