As I have remarked before, Gentle reader, September is my true new year, like many others immersed in academia. I make resolutions, I decide to lose weight, exercise more, study more, weed out the unnecessary in my life more.

And yet, September has not been kind to me so far- the annoyances pile up, far beyond that of a mess-than-ideal yoga class. At the precise moment, I feel as though there is a pile of thorns, metaphorically speaking, on my mind.

-My committee did not like the revisions I had made, and said I hadn’t addressed their concerns. I feel towards that particular piece of work as I would towards a pile of vomit, and the thought of re-working on it makes me physically ill and nauseated.

-I lost a gold bracelet I just bought this summer.

-The weather here is so changeable and humid and I am continually drenched in sweat. If I hadn’t started the most humungous, murdery period on the evening I arrived, I would have thought I was menopaused.

-I lost a little bunch of friends as they moved away from Halifax after graduation. Damn you Halifax for having no jobs for graduates. Damn you.

-After visiting Italy, I do not feel grateful for living in Halifax the way I used to. I want to live in Italy, taste the fruit, live in beautiful beautiful houses, flush their amazingly well-designed toilets. I hate my toilet and my condo now.

This is no way to work through September. This is bad.


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