Woken up at 7 by my Golden Boy. Negotiated more sleep until close to 9. Pancakes and maple syrup for breakfast, then had to go pick up Princess from a sleepover. They were messy and grumpy. Tie-dye and cupcakes. Public library and I borrowed about 50 magazines for a my class. They are supposed to look at the images and discuss gender and ethnic representations. The librarian talks to me for too long about my library card. Spring fair at school. I drop off the kids- can’t stand the parents, the dads make me uncomfortable and the moms are snobbish. I go to a university building across from the school, and lie on my back on one of the library couches and stare at the ceiling. Delete pics from my cell. Then pick up the kids and go home.

Afternoon. A male friend comes by to help move a bookcase another friend left for me. She lost her job immediately after the film cuts, and relocated to Toronto last week. The male friend doesn’t just move the bookcase and leave, as I was hoping, but sits on the couch and begins to socialise. I sit on the edge of the couch and weave my fingers together, pressing my knuckles- I forgot the social contract. I need to go shopping and we are late. He leaves eventually- we are late. BBQ in bloody Lacewood. I stop at Walmart to pick up corn and mushrooms and million other things. walmart is packed- ppl are shopping as if locusts are coming to destroy their crops. No mushrooms. I buy parsnips in instead.

Evening. BBQ. Parsnips roasting next to burgers and hotdogs. Kids run around screaming and spraying each other with water guns. Parsnips burnt on the outside, hard in the inside. But they smell good.

Later at night. kids won’t sleep as it is Saturday. I open a Guinness- my favourite drink, and I drink while we watch That 70s show. Golden Boy nags for taste of the beer. Eventually I give him a sip. He says it’s not as bad as coffee. He says it’s unfair that I get beer for myself, but won’t get pop for him. He argues that beer is like pop for grownups. I tell him to shut up.

I fall asleep around midnight, but I wake up at 6:21 this morning, and can’t get back to sleep.

Now I am listening to the killers and prepping for class. A student just e-mailed and said they have caught a flu and can’t take the class quiz tomorrow so what should they do. I don’t answer- yet.


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