Sandals and my naked exposed toes constantly getting stubbed. Today I smashed them against the trolley wheels in the supermarket and had to suppress a howl of agony in the line of shoppers.


The heat from inside the car and the gross hot car smell.

The sun beating on the left side of you face and left hand as you sit in rush hour traffic.



Summer dresses looking tatty and slutty- gah how can I walk around carrying so much cleavage?

Men wearing shorts and even worst, sleeveless ughghh cover your armpits.

All this exposed flesh, mine and others, everywhere, flapping around.

Blisters from walking around so much- the weather’s nice so I drive less and walk more and now there are horrible discoloured blisters on my toes and they look diseased.

Fucking house flies.

The sound of stoned laughter and pop music from the car park after 10 pm.

Feeling guilty if you stay in when the sun is shining, feeling you need to be out in the sun all the fucking time.

People screaming about how nice it is.




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