I bought these skirts a couple of weeks ago from thrift store. I bought them without trying on because it is such a drag to try stuff on when you are in your winter clothes. Even though thrift store isn’t as cheap as it used to be, especially after that stupid song came out a couple of years back. Gone are the days when you could pick up nice stuff for under two bucks. each of these skirts around 10 dollars, after tax.

Then again, I would never, could never spend money on new real leather and wool. I’ve been salivating for leather stuff ever since Kalinda and the Good Wife, so I screamed with delight and swooped when I found the skirt. I don’t mind that it is tan instead of black- black leather is so bdsm, and that has become so mainstream and dumb after 50SoG. Tan is the new edgy.

The skirt fit me perfectly. It is not necessarily slimming, but it sits snugly around my waist. Tonight I am going to wear it for the first time. I am not sure what to pair it with, or where my brown tights are- maybe a tight patterned t-short and cardie? Maybe a white blouse? I am really happy about it, because I have been housebound in the snow for what feels like five centuries now, and the prospect of going out to a party-ish, even a charity party, even for an hour only while the kids are dropped off at the evening classes (swimming, taek-won-do) excites beyond what is reasonable. If I have time, I plan to straighten my hair and paint my nails. Maybe I would have time if I didn’t blog about it.

The plaid skirt did not fit me. I lay on my back and struggled to get the zipper over the rolls of pale stretch-marked flesh of my belly. The zipper did go up, but it hurt and the waist cut into my waist, while my belly bulged around the top. Not a good look. I decided to lose weight, but then I remembered the leather skirt and how snugly the waistband hugged my waist, and so I decided not to lose weight after all.

I struggled out of the plaid skirt, and looked at the beautiful red squares. I decided to take it to Iran with me. maybe it would fit my sister, or my new sister-in-law. They have not undergone childbirth yet and their midriffs are smooth and supple. The skirt looks like new, and there is no reason for anyone to know it is second-hand- second-hand shopping is taboo in Iran. So maybe I shouldn’t blog about it then, if I plan to gift it to an Iranian woman.



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