I did not write those words, Gentle Reaer- if I did, I would not be here now, blogging on the most illustrious website, wordpress.com. I will leave it to your your initiative to find out who did. But since I read them, I realised I know what is wrong with me, and what will continue to be wrong with me for the next couple of years or so. I am at the cusp. I have been for a while, only I didn’t know. Now I know. I am staring into the abyss. Every day, I can feel myself edging closer. Every time I hold my children close, every time I ruffle their amazing silky hair, every second of every day, I can feel it, hurtling towards me. It is like driving on the highway, and you know in the distance there is a tunnel, and know, the tunnel is in sight, you can see it. And you can feel in your bones what you always knew- the tunnel is one way, it has no way out.


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