Everybody knows, thanks to Margaret Atwood and Goosebumps, that summer camps are dreadful places where children drown each other or lose each other in the woods or push each other off cliffs, or maybe their counsellors did it? Anyway, where scarring things happen which will haunt you way into adulthood.
Yet despite these solid facts, the Princess has been throwing around the words “Big Chove” for a couple of years now. I thought it would go away, for the Princess is notorious for becoming sick and feverish whenever she is away from her mommy for even one night. But it hasn’t, and even now, in early January, I am been regaled by stories about how amazing Big Chove is. Frella, Ace, Sericha, even Kirkee and practically all her other friends and schoolmates go every year, and they have the most amazing awesomest fantabulous time, and Barnelle absolutely told the Princess that she (Barnelle) could totally see her (the Princess) in Big Chove this year, doing the amazing early morning swim or the even more amazing late night story circle. “They have soooooo much fun!” chattered the Princess “and they have to get up at, like, 6 am, and run to the lake and jump in for the early morning swim, and it is full of jellyfish!”
-“Really?” I interject. “jellyfish?”

-Yes- but not like the ones that stung you when we are in Kish, these are mostly dead jellyfish, although Sericha says even the dead ones sting you. She says a dead one stung her feet, and Frella says her face got stung but I think the one that stung Frella was alive. Actually Frella gets homesick so much that she gets her parents to record their voices talking to her and saying goodnight and listens to the recording before she goes to sleep. WHY WON’T YOU LET ME GO TO BIG CHOVE IT IS SO MUCH FUN THEY HAVE SO MUCH FUN FUN FUN DEAD JELLYFISH STINGING YOUR FACE FUN FUN



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