The Iranian state, together with China, holds the distinction of imprisoning, torturing and executing more journalists and bloggers than any where else in the world; contrary-minded newspapers and media are regularly shut down, and free speech is a huge joke. Self-censorship is synonymous, in my country, with self-preservation.

And yet, we like to believe, and we keep telling each other that these heinous acts of violence come from the state- in privacy, where we also drink and dance and listen to music and make music and the women uncover their hair, we also talk about our bloggers, our journalists, our women’s right activists and our caricaturists with pride. Never have I heard, gentle reader, that any suggestion that should not blog, should not write, should not draw. Never. We are ready to tell any one that listens that the people of Iran should not be confused with the Iranian state- oh no! The people hate the violent theocrats and their hired thugs- the Iranian people -the real people love liberty, admire free speech, and love those who dare to practice it.

So why do some Iranians repeat this apologetic crap, this absolute bullshit, this pernicious nonsense floating around, muttering racists, colonialists, imperialist, Somali, Iraq, islamophobe? Of all people, you would think Iranians, who taste the boot of violent theocracy daily, would be the first to be able to see theocratic thuggery for what it is. How can any Iranian join in this knee-jerk reaction “But France is racist! France is imperialist!” -as if they are the first ones who have somehow noticed centuries of war and misery- when they hear of murder and mayhem? So what? Which modern government does not have a history of racism – Which has not aspired to colonial power? Iran? hahahahaha!

And are we suppose for justify murder now by labelling victims bad people? Suppose somebody is, in fact, a racist (something which has not of course being established in the present case)- are we seriously saying it’s ok to murder them? Somebody is an asshole and jerk- we are apologizing for their murder now?

Dear Iranians. Let us be absolutely clear: the Parisian murderers are the kindred spirit, the soulmates of those armed predators who roam the streets of our country, telling us what to do or else. Or else. You should be able to recognize that- you have grown up with them, they watch over you as you sleep. So do not apologize for them.



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