When I have something looming over me, something I dread, something which causes my stomach to twist and turn in knots of anxiety, something which I feel I simply cannot live through, that I cannot imagine myself coming out all right at the other end, even though rationally I know I will, something horrible, then it really really really doesn’t help to know someone is praying for me.

Again, rationally, it shouldn’t make a difference to me. But it does. It annoys the fuck out of me. Because, like, (and here my language starts falling apart in frustration), like, you KNOW I am not religious, you KNOW that, you know perfectly well how I feel about praying and the trappings of religion. And you yet you insist on telling me, as consolation?, that everything will be fine, that you are praying for me. How is that ok? How is that helping me? At least have the courtesy NOT to tell me.

Even logically, why would you suppose telling a non-believer that you are praying for them in their time of need is a comfort to them? Let me tell you, clearly and unequivocally, that it is not. At least, I cannot speak for all non-believers, but I can for myself: I fucking hate being prayed for. It does not help. As a matter of fact, it makes things worse. Misery is one thing, and being annoyed as hell by god-speak adds a whole new dimension of darkness to it.


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