Since my return from Iran in September 2014, I have bought three pairs of shoes.

These are, respectively, from Clarks, Aldos and Aldos.




The clogs were bought to replace my other, older pair of clogs. But these new Aldos clogs are not as comfortable as the old Dr. Scholl pair. They are narrower, with narrower wedges, meaning my ankle is more likely to twist. Clogs are my slip on, take-kids-to-sports shoes, but I am not sure if this new pair fits the bill. In fact, although I am loath to admit it, I think one of them is rubbing a blister on my left foot.
I bought the clogs online for $54.

I bought the Clarks shoes from Sears outlet, for $50. The fit is perfect, like walking on clouds. I didn’t really need these shoes, but my friend said “Oh you should visit Sears outlet because they have literally have hundreds of size 5s”, after I humblebragged about how hard it is for me to find nice shoes that fit me, because my feet are so small. So we went to Sears outlet, and they only had ONE size 5 shoe- the one you see pictured above. So I bought it, obviously, not to “waste” my trip to Sears outlet.

I bought the Aldos boots because the boots I had bought last year were a size big for me, and insoles don’t cover a whole size. My feet would slip around in the too-big-boots (Sanita, a Danish brand), and they would feel tired. So I needed size 5 boots. I have never had luck with boots. But the Aldos boots fit perfectly- they slightly squeeze the top of my foot. But I suppose that is to be expected, since shoe-makers probably imagine that women with size 5 feet are also very skinny, and do not allow for chubby feet. But I can bear the slight squeeze -which I am hoping will be remedied in time- better than the foot-slipping-around problem which I had with the larger Danish boots.

The Princess is also very happy that I found a pair of boots that I like and that I claim fit me, because now she can take possession of the Sanita boots. The Sanita boots are laced-up, like the boots which Katniss wears. Interestingly enough, they are also slightly big for her, even though her feet are at least a full size bigger than mine. I will get insoles for her. I realise now the Sanita boots probably made me look like Charlie Chaplin, only people were too nice to tell me.

The Aldos boots were $34, less than 50% off, from Aldos outlet in Dartmouth Crossing during the Black Friday
sale. This is the first year that I have done a Black Friday sale. It is more or less like any other shopping spree, but you feel victorious.

So I’ve spent a total of $138 on three pairs of shoes, all good leather shoes, which I wear. That is not bad at all, because a lot of people spend far more on that on one single pair. Nevertheless.

This is an interesting writing exercise, because it doesn’t feel like my usual blogging style. I feel a bit like Dos Passos or even Hemmingway, writing like this, all gritty facts and hard-hitting realism, with a little bit of social commentary slipped in here and there, unobtrusively, as it were.


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  1. yes it felt strange; you writing with this style 😛

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