Some time in the early nineties, as MTV swung into its glorious heyday, out in the suburbs of Tehran, my mother had an epiphany:

“I heard some music- I wasn’t watching the video- and I thought, what a lovely tune, what a lovely voice. Then I went into the living room and saw it was Madonna. I was so surprised! I never realised she had such a sweet voice! It’s these awful videos- the way they act, wriggling about like earthworms- makes them despicable. If you just listened to the music, you’d realise it is actually really lovely- she has such a delicate voice!”

I saluted my mother this morning as I concentrated on listening to Jack White’s Would You Fight For My Love, blanking out the awful style of the music video.

Here is my geneology of Would You Fight For My Love:

-My sister insisted that I watch it.
-I found it on Youtube
-I reeled back in horror at Jack White’s facial hair and hair style and clothes.
-I couldn’t listen to the music.
-I heard the song on the radio.
-I realised it’s a great song.
-I remembered my mother vs. Madonna in the nineties. I missed her.




  1. I dont like the post-white stripes jack white. but I heard a track in a department store and thought its really good. JW videos are awful and maybe he is the perfect example of your theory.

  2. thenewcomer

    or more precisely, OUR MOTHER’s theory.

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