Every place like to think it has a bustling scene of musical talent, a veritable army of young Kurts and Axls waiting to be discovered and launched upon the eagerly-waiting world, and Halifax is no exception. Alas, Gentle Reader, by now, I have frequented the music shows of many of these would-be-Dylans, and I can tell you, simply, they mostly suck.

I mean, they are not awful, but in terms of both entertainment quality and musical proficiency, they are Not Good. There is a strong reason why they have not conquered the world, and never will, and it is not because of capitalism media patriarchy etc. A sense of frustration and embarrassed dismay is the most I felt on listening to our local and regional talent, coupled with a strong desire to go home and dig up old Youtube clips of Axl Rose and Sebastien Bach screaming “son of a bitch” and tossing their pretty shiny manes around.

But tribute bands? Ah, those I can appreciate. Like me, they have caught a whiff of greatness, and instead of trying to pretend they can overcome their third-rateness, they have embraced it. I can sincerely say the most fun I have had in Halifax was leaping about in a crowd to cover tunes of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, and last night, Green Day. I am no Green Day fan, believe me, indeed, the word I mostly associate with them is guyliner. But like everyone else on the planet, I can appreciate a good catchy tune. I have had the experience of walking alone somewhere, sometimes, and I have lived through the end of September on many, many occasions.

Nor can I lay claim to any musical knowledge, but again, I can appreciate a certain level of musical proficiency. Tribute bands, dazzled and besotted as they are, acquire a level of technical mastery which eludes our sad despairing “original” musicians- tribute bands are inspired and impassioned, aspiring to no more than paying tribute to their loved ones in the most excellent manner possible, which is no mean feat.

And so, I say to the Green day tribute band which graced the Halifax music scene last night- good job guys. But more guyliner, please, for next time. That’s the only thing I can complain about- lack of guyliner.



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