Perhaps you consider it a futile exercise to rank the muses, nevertheless, we all know it and here, I can say it: music is far, far, waaaaaay cooler than acting.

In support, I offer you this exchange:
-Princess, did you know Leighton Meester was also a singer and has her own songs out?

A spark of sheer fury leaps from the Princess’s eyes and burns across the dining table. She makes vomity noises. “I HATE actors and actresses who wannabe musicians too!”

So true, Gentle Reader. So sad, and so true. Here is Ms. Meester, beloved actress, with gazillion best actressing and most hottest and most beautifullest and most stylishest awards, but it is not enough. There is a gigantic chip on her shoulder in the shape of Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears. The poor thing wants to be known as a singer. See also: Bruce Willis, Hugh Laurie, and other numerous examples. See also: Kristen Stewart writing poems. It is not enough to be a famous Hollywood actor. These modern-day royalty also demand our tribute to their music. But we, angry ungrateful struggling peons that we are, cruelly laugh and hit re-play on our latest music obsession (may I suggest Necessary Evil, Nikki Yanofsky?)

Who ever heard of a musician, a singer dabble in acting? They may lend their presence to add some sparkle and shine to otherwise mundane pieces of celluloid – I believe the Gentle Reader is familiar to my tribute to Axl Rose’s glower in Dirty Harry? And there is of course David Bowie, playing himself. But to claim to be an actor? Never, never in a million years.

Music, after all, takes real hard work and more than a touch of innate talent. Acting, at least the celebrity kind, comes down to luck, looks, and being in the right place at the right time. No wonder then, that these actors need to show they are genuinely talented, they haven’t just lucked out. But we know better.



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