It is a fact, that if I see you visibly and publicly accessorizing with overt religious symbols, I will not respect you.
I will, of course, accord you the bare minimum of decent civilised back-and-forth, if I have to. That is, I will not fly into a secular rage (believe me, there is such a thing), draw my scimitar and chop off your head. But I will label you an idiot in my mind, and of course, you will be able to tell that from my eyes, the tone of my voice, and the angle of my nose.

It is not just the fact of you wearing a headscarf or a cross or a skullcap when you are not literally forced to do so that will provoke my disdain. Even small, online declarations of faith are tantamount to publicly stripping and running round a black rock seven times. For example, if we are corresponding via e-mail about some general daily matter, and I notice your profile pic is a cross and rosary beads, then you immediately slide into gibbering idiocy, as far as I’m concerned. After all, in this day and age, and with all that has happened and is happening, you still have the enormous stupidity to think it is cool or desirable to publicly announce your allegiance to some supernatural, incendiary faith or other, then you are stupid. Let it be said.




  1. While I certainly commend your honesty, I certainly have to wonder why a person, “in this day and age, and with all that has happened and is happening,” would so proudly proclaim to be so overtly bigoted.

    • thenewcomer

      It’s my blog. I can proudly proclaim my detestation of religious accessories on it if I like. It’s the only place i can express this opinion. I am not shoving my opinions in anybody’s face. You can call it bigotry, if you like, and if it makes you feel “sensitive”.

      • I didn’t mean to imply that you were shoving your opinions in anyone’s face; I’m simply curious as to the pride in your bias.

        For example, if you were to meet me, in person, you might notice that I have a Latin cross tattooed on my shoulder, and a Germanic neopagan hammer tattooed on my wrist. If your post accurately reflects your true behavior, these tokens would immediately cause you to dismiss me as an idiot and to disrespect me, at least internally if not in your outward behavior. However, I am fairly confident that you would not come to such a judgment if you had actually discussed religion with me, since it seems clear that you and I very likely agree on those matters.

        I generally prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt until such time as they prove themselves to be idiots. I was simply curious as to why you prefer the reverse.

      • thenewcomer

        Do you know what “prejudice” means? The title of this post is “PREJUDICE AND PREJUDICE”- this is exactly what I am describing. And would you describe yourself as being wholly without prejudice?

      • I certainly understand what “prejudice” means; and while I wouldn’t attempt to claim that I am wholly without prejudice, neither do I take pride in that prejudice.

        I’m simply curious as to why you might.

      • thenewcomer

        I don’t particularly “take pride” in it, rather I am making a declaration- maybe you misread my annoyed tone for pride? If I did take pride, I would have titled the post “PRIDE AND PREJUDICE”. I am not particularly proud of my ability to be pissed off at religious people- there are other things I do which I am however quite proud of.

      • That makes more sense. I must have mistaken your tone. Thanks for the clarification!

  2. thenewcomer

    Jesus christ, Godinterest, read the fucking blog post before you fucking like it. Proves my point. Honestly.

  3. I smelt a fight thats why I came here 😛

  4. thenewcomer

    haha, it’s actually not funny and rather sad, when you think about it, when even atheists such as our friend BP up there feel the need to police other atheists and make sure nobody offends religious people.

  5. golnooshwrites

    Godinterest kheiliii khoobe :))))))))))))))

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