I understand the Golden Boy’s fascination with Minecraft. I appreciate how the virtual world can be preferred over the real world. In the real world, everybody is telling him what to do. Get up. Sit down. Stop playing with your friends. Come inside. Now go outside. Now we are going to the library. Now we are going to the beach. Now we are going to school. Your friend’s mom said he couldn’t come over to play. Practice your music. Now we are going to Tehran. Now we are going back to Halifax. Now you have taek won do. Now go to sleep. Now wake up.

The Princess seems to own any environment she enters. She has the power to take control over place, to do what she wants, as she wants, when she wants. She has taken over my aspirations, my likes and dislikes, and fashioned them into her own, stronger and more powerful than my originals. I enjoy visiting going to the beach in summer: so does the princess, and she plans our next visit and what we should take on our picnic. I think music lessons are good: now she plays pieces from the Swan Lake like an angel, and is practising the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies from the Nutcracker. I wanted to go to London to visit my brother and sister: now she is planning our trip to New York and Milan in the future.

The Golden Boy, on the other hand, has no such aspirations. He cannot understand why we go to the movies when we could just download the film and watch it freely and comfortably from home. He detests the idea of going to beaches, though once there, he frolics in the sand and water like normal people. Once propelled into a course of action, he seems to mildly enjoy it, but his real desire is to be left alone so he can play on his laptop. I attempt to bond with him, and watch his gameplay. I go further, and help him build an incredible beautiful complicated house in the Creative Mode in Minecraft. In Minecraft, he can tame wolves to be his pet, and fight zombies with them. He can kill pigs and sheep and chicken for food, he doesn’t have to eat my hit-or-miss meals. He can trade with villagers, and then kill them if he likes, and though he may get killed, he can simply start over again. He is in control, in Minecraft, he is the one who declares when things start and end. In Minecraft, he attains true freedom.

Life of the Mindcraft


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  1. Maybe it relates to them being introverts and extroverts?

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