Continuing with the theme of Scrooge, let me share with you another deep dark secret in the privacy of this journal. Here is something that everyone else apparently finds fun and cool, but I find… weird… slightly disturbing… though most likely harmless…

Every year, a primary school in a small city in Canada has a fund-raiser to purchase technology for the school. And every year, one of the male teachers of that school – a teacher so dry and formal and monotone that the children call him “the robot” – pledges to dress up as a pop star and run around the gym with the children if the fund-raising goals are met.

Is it just me? Is everyone ok with a teacher who has made an annual ritual of cross-dressing as a young pretty starlet and running in the school gym with a bunch of school kids? Starlets who, by the way, symbolize controversial sexuality and desirability in the media? Do we all find this completely normal and appropriate behaviour? Is this something your husband or brother or cousin does every year too- maybe around christmas? Does this raise unwanted questions in your mind- where does he get the clothes for the cross-dressing from? Does he have a wardrobe full? Does he cross-dress as a starlet every so often, in sparkly spangly revealing clothes, perhaps when his wife is having a girls’ night out? How does he run in high heels? Why? How is this relevant to fundraising for ipads? Is this the big, the glorious day of his year- does he spend the whole year in delighted anticipation at the thought of this day, when he gets to run out and dress up in his fantasies in public, in his workplace, which also happens to be full of children? What genius, what strategy, what a beautiful legal unquestionable outlet for your desires and impulses, Mr. “Katy Perry”. May we all find such success in playing out our fantasies in public.

Bear in mind, Gentle Reader, that these are times when those even remotely involved in schools are hyper-sensitive to what is “appropriate” or “not appropriate”- these are days when parents need to get police clearance certificates if they want to chaperone a school field trip to the local museum for a half-day. So I guess what Mr. “Katy Perry” is up to has been vetted by the appropriate people, and has been found completely above reproach. Who am I to raise any questions?




  1. thenewcomer

    KHERS SAYS: “I see your point, but still, Katy perry is legal, and children are exposed to Katy perries everywhere (from supermarkets to TV). As for cross dressing, canada really likes “diversity”. So I guess the teacher kind of fits the picture.”

  2. thenewcomer

    AND THENEWCOMER REPLIES: “My problem isn’t with the kids being exposed to Katy Perry -though maybe they may find a male teacher dressed as Katy Perry a bit “confusing”? I am confused about why this needs to happen!! Also, my problem isn’t with diversity- if they want to teach the kids about cross-dressing, would I complain? But the thought of this teacher getting a kick out of dressing as a popstar and running about with kids is a bit… icky…”

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