Straight from the Master Smoothie-makers of Montreal:

A few ice-cubes; a bunch of spinach; orange juice; half a banana;

Possible variations: a spoonful of yogurt (we added strawberry), a sprinkling of seeds on the green foamy froth (we are not sure what the original master smoothie-maker used, but I think ground flax-seeds would work nicely).

Voila! The Master Smoothie-maker of Montreal served it in a glass jar with a handle and we drank it on a terrasse by Rue Sainte-Catherine. He told us he had given up coffee for a week now and survived by drinking frappe vert. I personally could not give up coffee, and frappe vert tastes a bit funny if not drunk immediately. But all this hasn’t stopped us from making and guzzling frappe vert by the gallon since we came back to Halifax.


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