About a million years ago, I lived in a town in North Yorkshire with a British family. A treat for this family was a “chip butty”. They would spread margarine, or if they were feeling fancy, butter, on a slice of white bread, arrange four fat salty vinegary potato chips on top, cover it with another slice of bread, and voila! heaven in your mouth.

Some years later, I discovered the best sandwich shop in the world, a small grimy place behind Enghelab Street, across from Tehran University. This place had cold chicken sandwiches, with standard toppings of dill pickles, sliced tomatoes and mayonnaise, but the cunning devil of the sandwich-man would also add a layer of potato fries.

Why this reminiscence on foods and times past, Gentle reader? Yesterday, I had lunch at an obscure Lebanese place in the heart of an industrial wasteland in North America otherwise known as Dartmouth. Apart from another lady, I was the only customer there. I ordered a kafta kabab wrap, and as I bit into the exotic delicacy, I rejoiced in the flavour of spicy kababs, chopped parsley, tomato and green onions, lemon juice, and oh my god, something smooth and mellow and thick and creamy, binding all these amazing flavours and textures together- oh yes, a beautiful thick layer of roast potato packed in tightly with the meat and dressing.

Thus these food sensation came all together as I had a small epiphany: nothing makes your sandwiches and wraps taste better than (the right amount of) potatoes.

I was also thinking why would anybody have a burger when this amazing kufta kabab wrap was only $10, then ad on my car announced that Burger King was selling its burgers at $1.59, and my question was answered.


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