Well, it finally happened. The Golden boy, shortly after his eighth birthday, got to learn about sex. People getting naked and rubbing their moolis against each other. He saw it in an episode of Once Upon a Time. Apparently (I don’t know, I wasn’t watching thank g.) the insufferable Snow White and Prince Charming suddenly tear off their clothes (even their pants) and jump on each other. I had thought this was a family show?

Anyway. It’s been several evenings now, and he can’t get over it. Unlike The Princess, who learned about sex through another TV show, Ugly Betty and had the good sense and sophistication to suppress her knowledge and never ever speak of it, The Golden Boy simply cannot get enough.

For he is not grossed out and weirded, as children generally are, by this exciting knowledge. Oh no. He is all excited and he thinks it’s super-funny. “Let’s pretend we’re Charming and Snow White”, he’ll shriek with joy when I go for a good night kiss, and starts pretending to pull of his pants. ” It’s so funny!” he declares happily. “Did you and Daddy do that too?” and he doubles up with laughter. “I’m Snow White/Charming! I’m getting naked!!!” Repeat, ad infinitum.

“Remember- this is a fantasy show” I keep telling him. Of course, I don’t want him to think sex is like magic and Rumplestilskin, simply unreal. But I can’t deny that I would have preferred him to hide his obsessive interest in sex for a few more years.

Sex statue in temple



  1. :)))))) I can well imagine!

  2. come one, you are joking ? I guess prince charming jumped onto Snow white only to protect her from some dangerous creature trying to harass her. But we are so occupied with the idea that it must be sexual desire. Our son, by the way, is the german voice of Henry. I interviewed him today, if he ever came across some explicit sexual scenes during his dubbing jobs. He shaked his shoulders and said that it depends where i put the cut off, where lover romance ends and where sex starts. I guess they already in school today to slip away from clear statements.
    greetings, michael

  3. thenewcomer

    No- it was definitely sex. Not protection. And SW jumps on PC. Not the other way round.

  4. O.k. then, what’s the difference. Maybe Snowwhite wanted to rescue Prince Charming from an evel creature by covering his body. Do you remember which season and which episode it was ? I will check as soon as possible, we have them all recorded. By the way, what do you think of Mr.Gold/Rumpelstielskin. Is he the prototype evel character, or does he has anything positive, like Mephistopheles in Goethes Faust:
    “I am the spirit of perpetual negation
    I’m part Part of that power which would
    Do evil constantly and constantly does good.”

    regards, Michael

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