Yes, Gentle reader, I am aware that the mellifluous duo pictured above are the unfortunately-named Heart, but bear with me.

Heart, that’s who I recommend you to cover, oh Gypsy band. As I listened to them last night belting out the charming desperate ballads of Fleetwood Mac, their energetic thump and vigour brought the hearty visages of Anne and Nancy shimmering in front of my mind’s eye. Oh dear.

Charm. Is the Gentle reader familiar with Brideshead Revisited, by Evelyn Waugh? There is a long diatribe on charm, British charm, and its paralysing, decadent effect. Charming. Even though it is a positive word, there is something faintly sinister and unpleasant about it- villains are often described as charming. There are songs and musicians who charm us, and then there are others who bellow passionately. Like Heart. Like Gypsy.


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  1. Lucky you, its always amazing hearing their songs, even though only covered by others. I stupidly missed the three concerts Fleetmood Mac recently gave in Germany. Now I heard that they cancelled the last part of their world tour becaus John McView has to go for cancer treatment. I hope very much they will soon be united and play.
    What you write above about the about charme reminds me of other great musicians who despite their image of great rebells always had a very charming appeal off-stage. If one listens to Jimi Hendrix talking to journalists, he is really charming, sometimes even shy. Mike Jagger, Jimmy Page, even Ozzy Osborn never try to be rude. On stage they perform as the bad guy, but sometimes I got the impression they like to show their other face off-stage. I remember having heard an interview with the very early Led Zeppelin, with some officials from the BBC blaming them for heresy and decadence. One of them asked Jimmy Page what he wants to do in the future and how to earn his living, and Page answered very politely (and serious): I’d like to study biochemistry.
    Nowadays, every teenager how has keyboard with some pre-programmed sounds and sample tunes feels so cool, and impudence became the new way of showing self-esteem.
    greetings, Michael

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