These days in London, I sorely feel the absence of a Robespierre.

I need to  register a tiny voice of resistance against the madness that is the interest in royalty, princesses, pregnant princesses, and royal babies. A cleaner, who works hard and long in order to survive has greater worth and moral virtue than an idle, useless princess. The cleaner is useful to society, the princess is a parasite. The fact that our media adores princesses and ignores cleaners is merely one manifestation of our dreadful rich-people-worship syndrome, for which our society pays a real price. Rich-people-worship fans the flames of inequality and social injustice, making it seem natural that we should be all obsessively interested in idle, rich princesses, while who cares about anything else. Thus, Princess Parasite and the unhealthy interest surrounding her is not just harmless entertainment and mindless fun: both the sheer fact of her existence and also the representation of that existence in the popular media is morally nauseating, harmful and poisonous to the common good.



One comment

  1. MJL

    Here! Here!
    Further to what you say, this worship has manifested itself as the “Parasite Princess” syndrome where all little girls are fed the programed lie that one day “prince charming” her “true love” will rescue her from reality and supply all her needs so she only needs to pop out a few babies and look pretty.
    The reality is some poor guy with a good heart just looking for some fun becomes emotionally enslaved to a succubus.

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