A boat full of extremely hot dudes with very nicely tousled hair, rocking on sun-shiny silver-blue waves, playing the guitar and looking with frowny faces at each other? Yes please. It’s not Axl gesturing to Dizzy while Duff whispers to Slash, but in its own modest Canadian way, very very cute.

The song isn’t bad too. It had entered the “listening phase”: when it comes up on the local rock channels, I don’t start punching the buttons with anger, or turn on the CD player to listen to Selena Gomez “Love You Like a Love Song”.

The guys on the boat all look like my kids’ various music teachers. We have debates in our household about whether the trumpet-teacher is “nicer” (by which my room-mate and I mean “hotter”)  or the guitar-teacher. It all boils down to whether you prefer blond and hippie, or dark and manly. Or both.

I strongly encourage my children to learn music.

Sam Roberts, Brother Down. A sweetly-dark song, suitable for a sweet sad summer. Last year, I was drunk and talking too much about Axl, as one does, and somebody brought the video up on youtube, to show off Canadian rock music or something. I forgot about it then. But today, I heard it on the radio, and I had a flashback to the waves, the sunshine and the boat, the pretty guys with the pretty hair playing the guitar and wailing sadly “my life is passing me by….” I didn’t know the name of the song, so I had to google the remembered lyrics. “One man fantasy”, Gentle Reader, brings up horrible and stupid results, FYI. But I found it.

Oh look- they have a drum on the boat too. How cute is that? brother down


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