If you find yourself in possession of a treasure, Gentle Reader, it is simply common sense to keep it to yourself and not to shout your good fortune from the roof tops. But alas, human nature dictates we must brag as widely as we can- it seems our happiness lies not just in the fact of possession, but in advertising the fact and letting others know of our happiness. And that it why blogging was invented.

And so, although I will continue to carefully cultivate my image of a tired, overworked mom, I will let you in on a little secret- that I have the best children ever, and nothing makes me so happy as being with them. Witness this random little gem from the dinner table:

Thenewcomer mom: …and then you’ll be a teenager- I’m not looking forward to THAT!

Theprincess: Why not? Just because all teenagers are dumb and mean to their parents in the movies doesn’t mean it’s like that in REAL LIFE! I’m going to be a NICE teenager!

Thenewcomer mom, glowing with pride at her child’s ability to distinguish between real-life and movies, a simple and useful art lost to many adults: Really? So you’ll still watch Miss Marple with me on Saturday nights?

Theprincess, proudly: Of course!

A moment of silence, followed by : “That is, unless I’m invited a cool party!”

Thenewcomer mom: Or maybe I’ll be invited to a cool party! And then we’ll watch Miss Marple on Sunday!

Theprincess rolls her eyes. The Golden Boy interrupts. Thenewcomer mom’s heart fills with love and joy.



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