I always associated man jewelry with either elderly men or young artsy men. The middlers, overly manly men like my father, eschew wearing any adornment, indeed, my father even disdains wearing a wedding ring. Most other men I know in that age range and social class would wear plain gold bands to proclaim their fidelity and unavailability to the hoards of women who would otherwise undoubtedly throw themselves at their feet, but nothing else in terms of jewelry.

Anyway. As I covertly eyed the fine specimens of Haligonian manhood lounging in the jacuzzi (whirlpool to North Americans) this afternoon, my third “mother’s eye” trained on the Golden Boy and Princess splashing about in the kiddie pool, I noticed that Haligionans had done it once again, rewriting the way fashion operates.

Man jewelry. A dude opposite me was wearing an extremely feminine narrow gold chain with a small squiggly pendant, which clashed unappetizing with his tatooed musculature.  Another guy was wearing a silver/steel thumb ring, and so many nipple-rings that it was painful just to glance at them. And yet a third -I can’t remember- there was definitely something there, but I got distracted by the squiggly gold pendant (why?) and the wealth of nipple-rings, so it wasn’t as eye-catching, I suppose. Square rings? Chains? Something. Suffice it to say, the jewelry of the three men in the whirlpool was far more, and far more in-your-face, than those of the ladies. Ch-ch-ch-changes, as Bowie would say.

I though of some meeting I had to attend, a few weeks ago. The Chairman, an exceedingly professional man ( a lawyer, actually) who yet sported a grey curly ponytail, was wearing a very decorative multi-coloured beaded bracelet, flashing charmingly amongst his long grey wrist-hair.

So, there you have it. Times, they are a-changing. Whereas yesteryear your average manly man would rather be caught dead than wearing anything other than the aforementioned gold band, now he is proudly suspending all sorts of bizarre, if not downright weird things from all parts of his body, nary a care in the world. Progress. Equality.


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