One night, up late, deep in assignments and worthy social research, I came across this interesting tidbit of information. James Hetfield’s wife, an Italian woman with an Italian name, something like Francesca Pavarotti or something, is embarrassed by her world-famous, much-adored but also occasionally  reviled -but not as much as Axl Rose- superstar  husband. I don’t know how the knowledgable esteemed wikipedia author knew this- maybe it was Francesca herself? Or a younger cousin or sister-in-law writing that? But anyway, there it was.

This one-liner opened up a whole vista of marital discomfort and drama for the Mr. Hetfield and his limelight-shunning, embarrassed wife, a vista worthy of at least one best-selling novel from the pen of Nick Hornby or a not-best-selling one by his lesser known acolytes such as Toby Litt, excited by exploring fictional landscape of intertwining musical celebrity and mundane lives, fandom and normalcy.

But back to Mr. Hetfield and Francesca. How ironic, I thought. Poor James. Here he goes, screaming and headbanging with his sadly shorn and gelled hair and neatly trimmed beard on the stage, while billions of fans swoon in adoration and pure love, unable to win the approval of the one who matter most, and there goes Francesca, silent and disapproving, twitching with embarrassment and the suppressed desire to tell him to shut it.  She can’t of course, there is no way she can legitimately tell him to stop being a metal music star, and she knows that too. Does he spend his matrimonial life trying to convince Francesca of the worthiness and the artistic value of his music? Has she finally grown out of screaming at him that he must listen to Italian opera instead of producing these crazy ravings, incredibly financial successful as they are?  Has he hysterically grabbed all her Pavarotti recordings and stomped on them, while she, shrieking in agony, has torn to pieces his favourite leather jacket and cap?

I have known shattered couples like that, Gentle Reader, in real life, and indeed half of such a couple is now busy typing out these words. Couples where a veritable ocean, a galaxy of difference in taste and personality exist, who now look at each other with amazement and silent despair at what brought them together in their twenties, who now marvel at their naive assurance that they could change each other, they could mould the other’s preferences to their own desires.


She disapproves.

image from:http://www.contactmusic.com/photo/james-hetfield-and-wife-francesca-tomasi-visit-the-taj-mahal-agra_3583944



  1. Roseanne Salyer

    This is complete bullshit. And for the record, Francesca is from Argentina. Her maiden name is Tomasi. Take time to do a little research before posting your next fairytale. Don’t transfer your sad life onto others.

    • thenewcomer

      You know her exact name and nationality? And you think that’s research? Sorry, you’re the sad one, Crazy Hawk. Also, I recommend that you read carefully and try to follow the exact argument- and perhaps you will understand why I chose not to verify those trivial details.

      • Roseanne Salyer

        Those “trivial details” are the basis for your blog. You published this fantasy on one thing you read. As for Francesca’s maiden name and nationality, if you know anything about Metallica, it is common knowledge. You are a moron.

      • thenewcomer

        And you are a Crazy Cow.

      • Roseanne Salyer

        Way to rebound. You know your argument is crap because you have to resort to name calling.

      • thenewcomer

        In your own words then, you’re the biggest loser, as you started off by name-calling. Are you James Hetfield’s sister-in-law? Did you remember to edit the wikipedia page? I notice you don’t have much to say on the whole crux of my blog post- the embarrassment of Hetfield’s wife, whatever her stupid name is.
        Crazy Cow.
        I like the sound of that. I may do blog post with this title.

      • Roseanne Salyer

        Why don’t you do that blog post? I do not know either of them. If you believe everything you read on Wikipedia–you are the crazy one. Why should she be embarrassed by him? He’s a different person than the man she married. And really, why do you care? I don’t care. They are a loving family and Metallica makes beautiful music. That’s all I care about.
        I did call you a moron. I apologize for that. You need to let this go. No self-respecting journalist(not you) would write a post based on one article, I don’t care where it came from. Can we let this be the end?
        Crazy Cow

      • thenewcomer

        “Self-respecting journalist”???? LMAFO

    • nicola d'alessandro

      compliments to you, she is argentinian, not italian, i am italian and in your shitty article i feel only all the same and old prejudices against strangers, italians..thinking that italy is only spaghetti and pizza(you love it eh??admit it)pavarotti and stop. that surnames are all equals(ah ah) you poor americans have all the same english(not american) surnames..your surnames are only four or five..johnson,smith,harris,jones, moore and some mc/something..ahah, if englishes colonies had not been teached you the english language, what should be today you language..by hands?or fingers?or symbols? or the language of deafs(max respect for them)ahah..FERRARI..VERSACE..VALENTINO..FIORUCCI..DA VINCI..ALIGHIERI..CRISTOFORO COLOMBO(kiss his ass all you americans for discovered your country) A M E R I G O VESPUCCI..GALILEI..fuck yourself american idiot..UP THE I T A L Y!!!!!!!

      • jessica

        Its taught not teached….. by the way Columbus did not discover America…..Italian trash…I can buy the same damn shit at Wal-Mart and buy twice as much instead of spending 800 bucks for a fucking pair of jeans …,really, come on get over yourself….so fuck yourself ,Italian Idiot..and up the what..just say it so it is clearly understood by all of us American Idiots,,,,example;FUCK YOU

  2. Hey, I’m a young metallica fan boy. Just gotta say that if I was James hetfield and my wife didn’t approve i’d drop her ass so fast.

    There are things more important than pleasing some random woman who happened to lock you into marriage. there are millions of people in this world, and hes goddamn james hetfield, if your wife doesn’t like what you do, just leave the marriage. This is why I will never ever get married ever. It is a prison unless the girl is really caring and beautiful. For all those judgemental masculine women who argue constantly with their husbands, why do you even think you deserve to be married?

    Sorry for my rant but I had a girlfriend who always told me I was worthless and nothing I did was right.. Now she is fat and in a relationship with a dude who beats her… And now I’m rich and have a beautiful younger girlfriend.

  3. U suck & r obviously a cynically jealous person who can’t appreciate his personality or music !! To each their own as far as preferences go though .
    As far marital personality differences go— the most successful marriages are never two identical people !! Each needs to be their own …. Learning & growing from one another & the mistakes made . Life should be a progression where we get up every day & try to be better & let our loved ones do the same ….. Showing each other a rededicated love & commitment !
    Remember — it’s only God’s place to judge others & we will be judged by Him w the attitude that we judge ( or don’t judge ) others ! I know I need all the understanding & compassion in that area possible…. Don’t we all ~ ?!?!
    Try looking for the positives & if u can’t see or find any…. Look at urself or move on friend !!!!
    Have a great day & God bless !! 🙂

  4. Sad But True

    People like you make me sad that we’re the same species, the amount of shit coming from your brain is… simply sad. May you die well after having lived so terribly.

  5. ThisArticleIsHILARIOUS!!!

    lol! you are so clueless its hilarious! this entire article is built on misinformation. he had a drinking problem and destructive anger issues. Both him and her were embarrassed by his actions. It had nothing to do with the music. If you’re gonna go out of your way to write a piece, at least look up a basic wikipedia article. Biggest joke ever, I was laughing my ass off reading the shit you wrote! Thanks for the laugh!

  6. broohaha

    as said above, she’s never had a problem with metallica or james’ preferred style of expression. he had every reason to feel angry at the world considering his family history. he dealt with his pain with drink and drugs. he did a good job of hiding is sadness during the height of his drinking, remaining extraordinarliy nice, good natured about negative situations, humble and lovable. he had to fall in love to realise how badly he was treating himself, his addictions were embarrassing for both of them. he obviously didnt want to lose her so pulled his head in and made concerted efforts to fix himself. he’s always been a good guy but i’d say getting clean has made him a better husband and father as well as happier. he made the decision to rid himself of his demons though she had alot to do with it. get your shit straight!

  7. claude

    “Behind every great man, there’s a great woman” She’s Argentinian, they’ve been married for over 15 years. That should tell you something…
    I just had to read your first paragraph to see that you do no do your research at all.

  8. MetallicAida

    Not only you are totally clueless about Italy and Italians (I am Italian and, as a matter of fact, do love opera AND Metallica; actually, if you knew anything about anything at all, you wouldn’t find the association metal-classical music so odd ), but also about Argentinians, who happen to be just below your fat American ass. Oh wait, maybe you rednecks only remember about the existence of Latinoamérica when you need to support fascist dictatorships and export torture methods. Ok, sorry North Americans, I actually do like you a lot and I don’t think all of you are like this dumbass blogger.
    Anyway, she has an Italian first and last name because Argentina has been a destination of massive migration from Italy, in a not even so remote past. So a lot of Argentinians have Italian or italian sounding names. This doesn’t mean those people didn’t develop their own identity though.
    I don’t even know why I’m taking this stupid entry so seriously, since I know all you ever wanted was to get exactly this kind of reactions. I couldn’t resist. My bad.

  9. Invisible Kid

    This is the mos idiotic blog I’ve ever read…Where did you get your facts?, its all none sense. Get a Life and leave James and his family alone.

  10. KKB

    Maybe she was embarrassed from his actions when he was drinking not his line of work. He’s sober (been sober for a while) and she stuck by him.

  11. Hugh G. Rection

    Please go back to your illiterate piece of crap American life and stop blogging nonsense about people that you know shit about. Not only you got his wife’s maiden name wrong, but also you mentioned she was Italian, when in fact she is from Argentina, which is a simple fact that even the most clueless metallica’s fan out there probably is aware of.

  12. Julie

    That whole story was retarded! Francesca is from Argentina! She is not ashamed of him. She gave him an ultimatum about getting clean for good!!! Excellent for her. I almost left my husband of 22 yrs due to his addictions. I have been holding on for so long… Get facts straight please.

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