I hate their songs. Hate hate hate hate. Sorry I can’t write more coherently right now, my nerves get all twisted up in a quivering bundle of loathing and disgust whenever I think about them. And since my local rock radio stations play them every other song, that is pretty often.

Part of the problem is that they play only one song from each band. From The Eagles, it’s Hotel California. Heart- Barracuda. And Rush- I don’t  the name of the damn song, but you know which one, the one about standing in the light, every now and then, something something. Maybe these bands have other songs out there, I’m certainly not going to look them up. All I know is that whenever these songs come up, my hand automatically reaches out and my fingers start punching the channel buttons on the radio. I would rather listen to Britney Spears, Pussy Cat Dolls, Celine Dion, Justin Bieber, Flo Rida, Pitbull, LMFAO than any of those songs.  At least they’re not- whatever that elusive quality is that makes me hate those other songs so much.


I’m not saying every rock song should be Paint It Black or Estranged. There are plenty of songs on air which I can take or leave, which I am happy to have make some noise. It’s not just the whiny, self-pitying, self-important tone of those songs- most rock songs have a pretty healthy mega-dose of whiny self-pitying self-importance. Both the Best Songs ever I mentioned – Paint It Black and Estranged– are absolutely chockful of whiny self-pitying self-importance. I don’t know quite what it is- for the Rush song, I can’t even understand most the lyrics, as they are sung in this horrible crocodile croak, while the Hotel California is as clear as your neighbour’s music. I think it is something to do with the moralistic, preachy tone- even though I can’t understand the Rush song, it’s pretty clear they think they have unlocked the secrets of the universe, while Hotel California, it’s all about, fake sex, man, and how it’s all fake. And smelly. And fake. As for Barracuda- ugh. Just ugh. It’s not even music. Please go away. Now.



I was going to put up pictures of these loathsome bands, but just the thought of their horribleness made me twitch, and so i just googled a random picture and put that up instead.




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  1. I dont understand the HC lyrics either. Unnecessarily complicated.

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