I don’t often read other blogs, but when I do, I am struck by the things other bloggers do, that I would not dream of doing. Perhaps blogging is a bit like parenting in this sense, we’re all technically doing the same thing, but we’re all doing it so differently that we actually start frothing with incomprehension and rage when we notice each other’s way of doing it.

I am not speaking of advertising. These are hard times, and though I personally would rather crawl homeless and hungry on the streets than defile the hallow pages of with paid adverts, I can understand, I suppose, the impulse to sell your blog to merchants.

No. The curious habit I refer to is the how other bloggers thank those who leave comments on their blogs- the commentators. Why, other bloggers? Why do you thank them?

Indeed, Gentle Reader, I have seen blog posts under which perhaps there are twenty comments: ten of these will be comments from readers, and the other ten will be a comment from the blogger, responding to each of those other comments with “Thank you for visiting! Glad you liked it! Come back soon!”

Really, other bloggers?

Now don’t get me wrong, I am the first to admit the joy which comes from knowing your words are being read, that your wonderful self is being acknowledged by someone other than your mom and dad. But still. Has the capitalist-induced customer-service mentality so pervaded the fibres of your being that you feel impelled to cheerily and gratefully thank every reader, who is after all a potential “customer” or “client” of your blog? Do you suffer so deeply from lack of attention that even a brief “Great post! made me lol!” calls forth a surge of gratitude from you, that you actually feel compelled to thank people for reading your words? Why? Be sure that if they didn’t want to, they wouldn’t have. Nobody is doing you a favour by reading your blog, on the contrary, it is you, gentle blogger, who have done your readers a favour by providing them something which they found interesting enough to latch on and read. In this vast amusement park of the internet, this is no mean feat.


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