Yes, while we’re on the subject of comparing Western and Iranian celebrities, let’s not forget these two: Haydeh and Adele.  Yes seriously. Their looks, of course, both big women with big round faces and a penchant for big hair, and also the voice, big trilly voices which somehow sound “important”.  And the sheer adoration they inspire, though I believe Haydeh more so, if only because she’s dead, and has been for the past umpteen years.  The feeling they inspire in their fans that by enjoying their music, you are somehow a more noble, pure genuine person. If you like Katy Perry or Sharareh (to take the old Iranian equivalent- or was it Hengameh? I need to ask my mother) you are a silly shallow worthless person, but liking Adele or Haydeh is a sign of your moral calibre and worth, a sign of authenticity- despite the fact that all these singers churn out pop tarts. I don’t know- does the magnificent fatness have something to do with this myth?

Anyway, here, judge the the similarity for yourself:


And here is the reverend Adele:



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