Oh wonderful hotel room

I cannot count the ways I love you

your firm bed

welcoming my eagerly tired body

the smooth expanse of naked sheet, all for me

the pillows, at once hard  and soft, consoling my aching limbs

(especially my back and neck)

(but also my legs and feet)

There are six pillows for me, all for me- Ah! what joy is this!

What heavenly bed splendour!

From where does quiet and peace come, oh amazing hotel room?

There is no screaming and shouting in your sacred domain

No cold chills and unwelcome silences

Just calm and peace and a beautiful bed

The sorrows of parting break my heart, oh lovely hotel room,

I laid my head in your kind quiet luxury for  three nights

And there I felt the epiphany of rest

How can I now say goodbye?

Parting is not a sweet sorrow, merely a bitter one

I want this bed, I want the shower, and all the lovely bath things, and all the thick towels and floofy pillows too

But true love cannot be selfish, all the great poets have taught me that.

The cruel check-out desk awaits me.

I have to give up the magic key card, my access to your magic haven of easeful love

Good-bye, amazing hotel room, my true love.


We will be together soon, I promise.


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