It has become the norm to bewail the lack of manners and general rudeness which social media has caused, and yes, it is true, our online obsessions have caused us to interact with each other IRL in different and often regrettable ways.

One of the rudest responses that I personally have experienced is that when, during the course of a conversation, I ask something in good faith, somebody comes back with “Why don’t you google it?”

Really? Why don’t YOU google it? Because we’re talking to each other? Because  this is a conversation in real life, we are sitting round a table looking at each other’s faces, listening to each other’s words as they come flying out of our mouths, sniffing the scent of a coffee shop in full swing? Since when is it acceptable to answer a question with ‘Why don’t you just google it?” How are you supposed to answer that  – “Uhh- I don’t know- thanks for telling me about google! Let’s go google together!”


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