As the whole world knows by now, Iranians are very good at weaving carpets, messing with world oil prices, making western countries feel superior by treating dissidents  badly, making islamic countries feel superior by having such loose women, making women feel inferior, pomegranates, holding elaborate and bizarre new year festivities, pretending to fight the playground bully, bragging about their historic ruins, producing very bad pop music… I wish to draw attention now to another, less-publicized Iranian talent: the art of naming blogs.

Here is a sample of english-language blog names that appear on the Freshly Pressed site today- thus, they are not quite random, but they are blogs which have been featured on the homepage of a major blog website for their excellence.

“The Unconventional Housewife”,

“A Lifetime of Lessons”

“Pamela Foster, Author and Speaker”

“Honey, I’m a Lesbian”


“Losing My Cents”

Not bad, right? A bit bland, maybe? Something lacking poetry, perhaps? No? Now, feast your eyes on a sample of Farsi-language blog names (translated into English, duh) taken from the blog roll of a very, very, very popular farsi blog:

The Unbeliever

The Blood Cow, Hossein Norouzi, and the Lady

Smoked Chewing Gum

You Will Not Become A Deer by Jumping Like One, You Sheep

The Pedestrian


The Red Sour Cherries of Life

The Wall of the Toilet

Life, as Milan Kundera’s Stories

Journey to the End of the Night

In Sugar Trout


The Understanding Gorilla


The Daily Events of A Scientist

The Good Redskin

Coffee, Loneliness and I



See what I mean? Do you hear the drama, melody and beauty in those titles? Don’t you wish for a second that you knew Farsi, that you could click and see if these bloggers live up to their lovely titles? (hint: sometimes they do, other times, not so much) Oh, poor Pamela Foster, Author and Speaker. Poor Freshly pressed. You will not become a deer by jumping like one, you sheep.



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