One of the characteristics of student life is that there is more walking: from building to remote building, along immensely long corridors, from far-flung parking spots to mid-campus. The rhythm of your days is very different from office life, where you arrived at your office chair at 9:00 am, and barring short excursion to the toilets, more or less remained stationary for the next eight hours or so, until the stampede bell sounded.

So, undoubtedly student life is healthier, but alas! for it means the selection of increasingly impractical yet beautiful shoes I had assembled over the last couple of years are now gathering dust. Shoes which were suitable for swinging your legs from the computer chair, yet reduced me to tears once I had to get up and walk to the car park. Shoes such as this:

Or these:

Or these ones:

 Not forgetting these ones:

And these very uncomfortable ones:

Heartbreaking. Now, I basically have two choices: on cooler days, you can catch me clomping around on these clogs:

And on warmer days, I have these ridiculously comfortable grey sandals:

Yes. I wish it didn’t have those studs, at least.



  1. These are the shoes I wish I could wear everyday.

  2. khers

    The clogs are the best. Sooo cool!

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