-…and did you see the news about that actress whatsher..

-yeah yeah, the bloodsucker actress, caught cheating on her bf… was he actually her bf?

-I dunno- I thought they just played bf gf in that film, but apparently they were actually bf gf irl too… now she was caught cheating with the married director of that stupid snow white film

-and did you see, she actually apologized to the “people”- after she was caught, it sounded so lame…

-I know- “I love him I love him I’m so sorry”- so pathetic. Seriously, she should have just said nothing, or like, fuck you, yeah, I slept with him, none of anyone’s business.

-I mean, what the hell was she apologizing for? Who was she apologizing to? Like, was she married to the “people” or something?

-I really don’t understand why she had to apologize to all the American public either- apparently it’s something American celebrities have to do, if they cheat on their partner, they have to apologize to everybody

-but why? Like seriously, what will happen if she doesn’t apologize? Won’t they let her play in films or something? Like Iran?

-I dunno… I don’t think so…

-…hmm, maybe like Axl, with all the media hating on him…

-not that he cares…

<<<…conversation devolves into intense discussion about Axl in the media…>>>


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