I am the Sarah Palin of music. When it comes to music, I am definitely anti-intellectual – I don’t like music without words (except the Four Seasons and that bit in Swan Lake where she turns into a swan and it makes me want to die from magic, and that one Sonata which the Princess plays in school fairs) . I consider music that I don’t like to be “pretentious” and “intellectual”. And, like Mme. Palin, it is not enough for me to simply not like it and move on, I have to loudly and angrily deride it and complain about it and wonder why doesn’t everybody go home and listen to Axl screeching some more.

I liked the local band “Swingology”- the lead singer was absolutely gorgeous, a tall woman dressed in beautiful ‘twenties clothes- long tight floral printed dress and big red flowers in her dark hair, swaying to the cute french-sounding songs as she sang them. She came up to me after after their show was done,  and said “Fabiula? Oh I’m so sorry- I thought you were my girl friend Fabiula- she has such tiny feet like you”, and I swooned with pleasure. Now that is the kind of local band I like.

So continuing with the jazz fest theme, I went with the children to see “Gypsophilia” last night. No singing. Wordless music. The lead-person? The frontman? He talked a lot about how wonderful it is to be back in Halifax after touring the States for three weeks- no where beats Halifax! Oh Halifax! This is a song inspired by the corner (or as Mark Knopfler would say, the corNA) of Agricola and Sally street in Halifax! People in the States will simply not appreciate the Agricola-Sally street song! A girl behind us muttered “where the hell is Sally street?” Oh Halifax- it’s so nice to be playing in front of a crowd in Halifax!

Please, people, get over living in Halifax. Yes, it’s pretty-ish mid-sized town by the ocean, but still, there are many more beautiful cities in the world, by mountains and rivers and oceans, and everyone was born and raised and now lives SOMEwhere, it’s nothing to be obsessively proud about, okay?

Anyway, Gypsophilia plays lots of european-sounding folky gypsyish tunes, swingy and fiddly, and the crowd lapped it up. Oh Canada! There  you are, hysterically passing paranoid laws to prevent real gypsies, or as they are properly called, Roma people from entering Canada and scrounging off your welfare system, and here you go, dancing and clapping with delight at local white boys (and one girl) playing pseudo-gypsy music. You people are so cute!



  1. Thank you for your kind words about Swingology. Our singer is Cynthia Myers. We think she’s as fabulous as you say — and more! :^) I’m the clarinetist for the band, and it’s a huge honor and joy to entertain with these great musicians. I’m glad you enjoyed our show. Please introduce yourself next time!

    • thenewcomer

      Thank you for visiting and reading my blog post! I definitely aim to see Swingology again once I return to Halifax, but I’m very shy in real life, so I may not work up the courage to introduce myself! Say hi to Cynthia for me, and hope you have a lovely summer

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