We are watching a fair amount of Dr Who, the Princess and I, and I find myself increasingly mesmerized by David Tennant’s hair. There he is, fighting aliens, travelling back, and forth, and sideways, out and about in all sorts of bizarre climates, busily and nosily saving humanity, London, the world, and so on, and there is his hair. Regard:

I am fully convinced that no being, man or Timelord can achieve that style on his own. You will observe, that it is not just the two sides sculpted to swoosh up and meet in the middle like a little polite mohawk, but that wispy curved bang, hanging just so above his eyes.  In the episode Gridlock – or was it the Shakespeare Code? It all becomes a bit blurry over the weekend – he actually becomes drenched, so the Hair is soaking wet plastered to his forehead. But lo and behold, in the next scene, there it is, that perky little mohawk nestling behind the sweetly curved wisps. How is that possible? Are we supposed to believe that Time Lords, in addition to having two hearts and various other extra-human abilities, have the miraculous ability to fix their hair instantaneously, magically? Somehow, I can take the two hearts, time travelling, and sonic screwdrivers in my stride, but the hair thing is beyond me. As the Daleks scream “exterminate! exterminate!” in their awful hysterical voice, I find myself wondering- what product do they use? Gel? No- not stiff and bristly. Some wonderful alien lotion no doubt, only obtainable through the Tardis itself.


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