My daily statistics are reaching dizzying heights as internet people frantically search get more information on “benedict cumberbatch”, “benedict cumberbatch beautiful” and “benedict cumberbatch make-up” to see what all the fuss is about, leading to  ponderings on the nature of fame, pageviews, and male beauty. Or “beauty”.

I wonder whether the hundreds of people who have read that particular post got what they wanted: was their curiosity about “benedict cumberbatch make-up” satisfied? Do they now know whether they should consider him beautiful or not? The only time before that my stats were so high was when I dropped a link to “Iranian dinner party” on a website to do with food, or dinner parties, and I got a deluge of clicks from people really really interested in finding out what was eaten at Iranian dinner parties.

So, food and sex. The great drivers of humanity, and page views. I will admit, Gentle reader, that the thought crossed my mind to blog  a whole series of posts on the topic of “male beauty” and “benedict cumberbatch”- indeed, one could consider it as performing some sort of public service, as it seems people really need some insight in this area. And I could do it, no doubt. But really? When you start thinking like that, you realize you might as well run a porn site, and be thrilled from the number of hits and views you’re getting. I am no blog whore. There is no point in blogging about anything other than what I really feel I  need to blog about at any given moment- if it happens to be f & s, then fine. But if not, then one  must accept that the complete lack of interest among the general internet public is the price one  pays for luxuriously blogging about  c-section scars, children’s snot, or how I feel about Axl’s fall. No-one, or very few people will  read it, and if I really feel I need to boost my page views, well, I know how to do it. “benedict cumberbatch beauty”



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