Translated from Persian from the blog: “Smoking Chewing Gum”: http://absurdgames.blogspot.ca/

We Iranians are so witty- maybe not all of us, but most of us! We just looove wit- it’s in our blood! Just as we are more beautiful, more artistic, more talented, more intelligent, and control NASA, and just generally more all-around awesome than other races- we are way more wittier too! Like, when our filthy diplomat commits this despicable crime, we just can’t stop with the witty comments! “The boy asked the girl- lets play diplomats!” “Iranian girls so pretty- why has this donkey turned to Brazilian girls? hahahahahahahhahahahha!!!!”  Oh- you are all so witty- Iranian culture is inundated with wit!

And let’s not forget, all these Iranians who find this incident so hilarious are not necessarily government types or para-militaries. Oh no- they are the freedom-lovers, they hate the Iranian state and its policies, they are well-educated and collect university degrees, perhaps even  secular, intelligent, well-read… and witty. Witty above all. A dangerous, un-funny wit.

I don’t care about the diplomat and his nationality. There are sick people all over the world. He could be of any nationality and commit such a despicable, filthy act.  But I want to know, do people in other countries of the world greet such crimes  with fun and laughter? Is facebook and G+ in Brazil saturated with jokes and witticisms about paedophilia? Maybe because the victims weren’t Iranians, we found it soooo amusing? For example, if a Brazilian diplomat had molested Iranian girls, would we have found it as hilarious, and made so many witty comments about it all?

I don’t know. These proud Aryan descendants of Kurush and Dariush, with their superior  intelligence, beauty…and infinite wit… I cannot understand them. I will never understand them.



  1. First of all, I agree we should stop saying Persian so much and start saying Iranian (Or atleast til the name changes back)… i allways refer to myself as an iranian when someone asks me, and persian when i want to talk about my culture, history or language etc…. or just even Iranian persian. But anyways, i think why alot of iranians abroad say persian only is because they heard it so much from others til they started saying it themself…. i don’t think it’s because most want to hide their identity, trust me. Though I DON’T agree with your veiw on Iranian women. You see, almost every single thing that you said goes back to the American/western culture and mentality and not the Iranian one….. we DON’T look up towards Gold diggers, whores, back stabbers, being greedy or only caring about your own personal needs in Iranian culture, we look down on these things… while it’s the norm in most Western countries/cultures/societies and America…… In the west (Most of them, but mainly the u.s) and America, they basically applaud these american or English/western (Most) women going around sleeping with other men, having multiple kids from different fathers and basically consider it a norm. this is why the average marriage in america and western countries lasts less than 10 years… Because most people here are not committed and after their own personal needs. i could give you a thousand more examples if you want. Further more, you haven’t met all Iranian girls out there and I believe you’re just exaggerating isolated cases of americanized or westernized “Iranians/persians”, who I assure you that are a small minority of people even in the Iranian community abroad. And all you’re doing out of this exaggeration is making things worse because you’re just adding fuel to the fire.

  2. morghe daryayi

    OKAY, just as a question for the last comment-er , Where in the world for God’s sake is staying in a marriage for your whole life has been considered a norm?

    • thenewcomer

      Hi seagull, I’m not sure which comment you’re referring to, but yes, the ideal of romantic true love etc, is based for life, even in the marriage vows you have “till death do us part…”, it’s only in more recent decades that divorce has become more or less socially accepted.

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