This stuff is amazing. Since I discovered it I have been slurping it up by the gallon, limited only in my ability to purchase and wash fresh coriander.

But let’s begin at the beginning. It started, like so many things, in the aisles of the local superstore, looking for things to change the sameness.

My eyes lighted on a bottle of dull toad-green sauce decorated with a picture of an attractive latino :

Apologizing for the blur- the camera has recently become the favourite toy of the Golden boy, totally messing up its settings. But you get the idea.

“Memories of Argentina- chimichurri sauce” ran the caption under our handsome elderly zorro. Who can resist? I grabbed the bottle and went home.

Now, the stuff in the bottle was tasty and perked up our meal, but looked like a pile of snot:

So, I read the list of ingredients, and in no time at all, I was leaping down the path of home-made glory:

Coriander. Garlic. Splash of wine. Squeeze of lemon. Generous pouring of extra-virgin olive oil. Salt. Pepper. Other spices as desired/ available.

The result is an amazing, bright green sauce. The most delicious thing ever:

Gentle reader, how have I lived so long, without hearing about this? Basically, use the resulting sauce anywhere you would ordinarily use regular ketchup: hamburgers, beef, chicken, and more: I use it in salads, as dips, a spread / dip for bread, simply to slurp it with my fingers. Over weekends, I am burning through  two batches a day. Apparently you’re supposed to use it for grilling meat, but not I.

Everywhere, all the time. Chimichurri.


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