“Food preferences are so gendered” I explained to my friend and my daughter. I am high on sake. “Look around you here, you only ever see women in a sushi bar, or women obviously on a date. Now if you want to see men…” I knew my friend would like to see some men, but this being Halifax, never ever came across any available guys. “If you want to see men, you should go to the Q barbecue house, on Argyle. Have you been? Whole gangs of men, single men, lonely men, fat men, thin men, with baseball caps, without…” My friend gave a thin smile. “I don’t think they’d have vegetarian dishes there.”  I thought back to the menu at Q barbecue house. She was right. Though the smoky baked beans were fantastic, still, nothing so satisfying as sweet potato and avocado sushi roll. I poured a little more sake in my tiny white and blue  china cup. Mmm.

Two guys walked in and were seated. We looked at each other and giggled. “There goes my food and gender theory”  I said. I smushed up some of my Hawaiian sushi with my fingers. I can’t learn how to use chopsticks, but I have no squeamishness about using my fingers. Mango slices. crushed almonds. sticky rice. and… other things. The  guys are talking loudly in French. Or maybe my theory holds?

Their order arrives. We don’t pretend not to stare, while the princess audibly shrieks in amazement. They have ordered a Love Boat- an item I had noticed on the menu, costing over $75, but which we had never seen in real life.   A large wooden boat, as long as the table, filled up with sushi pieces. The servers proudly  set it in front of the two francophones, who express their appreciation with loud French cries of joy.

Well. I guess my theory is more or less true, after all.


One comment

  1. I bet a fortune the two French men with their love boat were gay !! It’s pretty obvious that gay and gourmets have much more in common than only the first letter in the word.

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