This is a picture of my oldest item of clothing:

I bought this under the influence of my mom, shopping for my cousin’s wedding. My mom had introduced my cousin to her brother’s best friend, and it has remained one of the triumphs of her career. We bought it in -Wallis? in Britain. It must have been 1989? 1990? I was 19? twenty? (family members, when did nooshin and asghar get married?). Originally I paired it with a short stretchy pink miniskirt, and I have since worn it countless places: to family parties, non-family parties, with friends, with enemies. A couple of weeks ago, I wore it under a purple sleeveless minidress at a Halifax nightclub, together with purple eyeshadow. The dude who snapped shining bracelets  around the wrists of patrons complimented me on my purple eyes, and the girls in the washroom, my outfit. (high points of the evening, sad to say). I am at least 8 kilos heavier than when I first bought this garment, and yet I still wear it. And it is flattering.

I see I am wandering from the point (I didn’t actually wear it at the asghar-nooshin wedding, for those interested: I wore a very strange loose blouse/skirt suit, cream coloured, with a bizarre blue/black jaggedy pattern printed hugely round the borders. It has long since disintegrated. I slept through most of the wedding in the prayer room. My mother and aunt amused themselves by putting bits of fruit on their heads and pretending it was their head gear. It wasn’t as funny as it sounds)

What was the point of this post again? Ah yes, evolving fashions- or not. For behold, my latest item of clothing, purchased this morning from wal-mart:

Do you notice any similarities, Gentle Reader? The wide, round cut neck (what are those called again? boat necks? crew necks?), the stretchy figure-hugging fabric, long tight sleeves… Yes, the shapes are more or less exactly the same. Although I doubt the Wal-mart item will last beyond the first wash, as befitting the 9 dollar price tag. The fabric is very thin, and I have a feeling my trusty pink and purple nineteen-eighties suit of armour will still be serving me at social functions long after this flimsy counterpart has metamorphosed into kitchen rags.

The moral? That my taste in clothes hasn’t changed, only become cheaper? Low-street fashion hasn’t much changed in the past twenty years? Family weddings imprint themselves on your life for the rest of eternity?


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