We live well-ordered, organized lives, scattered across the globe as we are, and any of us knows where any other of us is at any given moment -or could find out at the press of a button. Take my recent trip to Toronto: family members whom I have not spoken to for five years knew I was going to Toronto, knew where the kids were staying, and expressed appropriate surprise that I wasn’t visiting other family members in Toronto. Travels and trips are planned months ahead, so everyone has time to consider them and talk about them and think about what they mean, in the larger order of things. Although we do not see each other, we do not vanish from each other’s sight.

And yet, occasionally random acts of craziness seep in, and we hear that somebody is not where they were supposed to be. Sudden departures and arrivals take place, followed by not-quite plausible-sounding explanations, annotations and considerations. A text message, a phone call, an untimely videochat is the herald of these acts- outward signs that something not quite right happened, that sometimes human emotions get better of our desire for order, plans and cheap air tickets. “He just texted me- he is flying here now. I am confused and frightened, I don’t understand.” “He just left- he finished the afternoon tasks, picked up his suitcase and said I’m going, and walked out of the door. I had no idea he didn’t want to stay. Has he behaved like this before?”  These are, Gentle Reader, real life examples, and upon hearing each one, I felt as if a door had been nudged open, a cold wind blew in, and I could glimpse a tangle of hissing mad mind-monsters behind the door.

The latest act of craziness our family has been blessed with carries an extra note of caution, for the main hero of the story is not, as they usually are, hot-blooded young men, but a most respectable middle-aged woman, known for her wisdom and prudence throughout the globe. Yet there she is, materializing from point A to point B, indulging in hasty and unplanned travel for no apparent reason, though you may be sure we will soon find out.

And so I leave you with the moral of this tale: acts of craziness are not only for the young, for those in love and in hate. Anyone, but anyone at all, at any time, anywhere can let loose the crazy.


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  1. FoXy

    Nice new inspiration :))))

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