I love, love, love how mature and smart Christina [Aguilera] is. I mean, I’ve always liked that about her, but I love it when people are able to be good about breakups and divorce for their kids. I cannot WAIT for her new album! (random internet comment)

Dear people of the world: this is a really, really stupid comment. Please do not buy Christina’s new album because you think she is a smart, mature woman. Buy it because you really enjoy her music, you love the way she dances, the quality of her voice thrills you to the core, heck, buy it because you just think she’s awfully pretty, but DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT buy the album based on your assessment of her moral worth, maturity and so on.  It is a piece of pop music, entertainment. Buy it because of its music qualities and its ability to keep you entertained, not the personal qualities of the entertainer. About which, honestly, you do not have a clue.

Why do we all do do this? We all want our celebrities to be good, decent, loving, kind people – until we flip the other way and want them to be raving mad, savage, if not downright evil lunatics. Kurt Cobain made some nice music. Granted. So why can’t we bear any suggestion that he himself  may have been an antagonistic, obnoxious prick? Axl Rose made some very, very, very brilliant songs. Enjoy them. Stop thinking about how insane and immature and violent he was. Or was not. Do I need more examples? Roman Polanski. Are you his lawyer, or a Californian judge, the Swiss police, or a plaintiff in the judicial process? No? Then shut up. Your proud decision  to a/ continue watching b/ never again watch another scene of his films is totally irrelevant to the quality of his work.  Chris Brown beat up Rihanna. Yet he continues to make music which sells (incredibly?) well. Sometimes people behave well, sometimes not. Their personal behaviour has nothing to do with the quality of their work. This may seem obvious. Yet so many people have difficulty understanding and accepting this simple statement.

Yes indeed. The picture of smartness and maturity. Go on and reward her by buying her album. I’m sure your  approval will inspire her to drink less and behave even better in the future.

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  1. FoXy

    I totally agree with you on your statement; although I cant see why you had to snap at my poor Kurt Cobain OUT OF BLUE

  2. Exactly. I think in order for people to relate more with the artist, they create this illusion as to what they think the artist is like in person, only to be massively disappointed when what they assumed the person to be is completely the opposite to who the artist really is!
    Though, we cannot ignore the power of good PR.and how much money record labels spend to create a public persona for these artists…

  3. thenewcomer

    I know, and I think it is disgusting how the media machine feeds into our desires to see celebrities in a certain way. Really, i cannot understand why, in order to enjoy a piece of art/pop music, we have to know and approve of the lifestyle of the creator.

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