The discerning Gentle Reader will by now have gathered, that, overall, there is much about the “Western” culture and lifestyle that I enjoy. Good rock music, secular schools, decent education, un-intrusive people, nice bars, the concept of customer service, unobtrusive inflation rates, small clean cities- these are, in no particular order, what I have sold my soul and my home country, my birth right for.

And yet, I confess, there is something I come across again and and again, which really really bothers me, which I simply cannot accept; which I have an immediate, visceral reaction against- a blasphemy which I had never, ever encountered before The Grand Migration in 2008.

I am referring of course, to the peculiar practice of adding bits of cold meat to green salads. Ugh.

Even typing it out, and I can visualize the shreds of cold white chicken strewn across the cold moss-green expanse of lettuce in the cold metal container in the salad bar, or the scattering of dark browny-black crumbs of bacon (more often as not, “simulated” bacon- don’t ask) – yuck yuck yuck. It’s gross, and it doesn’t make sense nutrition-wise or flavour wise.

Nutrition-wise, it doesn’t make sense, because salads aren’t supposed to be the main source of protein for your meal. You’re already having a protein portion which is the “main” part of your meal, why would you add more protein to your salad? If the meat part of your meal is some beef, lamb, or whatever, do you really need some more chicken in your salad?

Flavour-wise it doesn’t make sense, because really? Salads are supposed to be crunchy and crispy, savoury and sour. What does the addition of bland, chewy, cold pieces of chicken do to enhance the experience of eating salad?

A good green salad is a thing of joy. Eating salad has almost always been my favourite part of the meal- unless the actual main course was something really exceptional. Seeing these containers of beautiful greens tainted by the inexplicable ghastly chicken chunks and bacon bits kills me. Please. Let’s say just No to this desecration.


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