I didn’t make chicken stock from the roast chicken carcasse in my fridge, and now the carcasse is spotted blue with mold, and I need to throw it out.

I accidentally threw the used coffee-filter and coffee grinds in the blue recycling bin instead of the green compost bin. I’ve probably ruined the whole contents of the blue bin. The heavens will now burn, glaciers will now melt and islands will now sink.

I didn’t stop the Golden Boy from scarfing insane amounts of candy during Halloween. I didn’t force him to wear a coat. I wore a coat, and now I have the flu.

I was too tired on Sunday morning to take the children to their swimming lesson, so they missed it. I stayed in bed, the Golden Boy played computer games while sitting on the couch, the Princess rewatched Ugly Betty for the millionth time. We didn’t swim in freezing Dalplex. I’ve already paid $150 for their swimming, and we just stayed in.

I ate canned soup last night instead of making my own fresh homemade soup, using the non-existent stock from the moldy chicken carcasse.

The last three rolls of bread became moldy too, and I’ll have to throw them out too. More heavens burning, islands sinking etc.

I’ll have to throw out some leftover rice too.  Just ban me from the kitchen, and Save The Earth. Children are starving- somewhere or other.

I’m sitting on the couch watching Julianne Moore and Pierce Brosnan in Laws of Attraction and blogging, nursing a flu, instead of working. On something or other.

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