It is a common complaint among parents that although they themselves, blessed children of the sixties, seventies and, alright, ‘eighties,  may have the superior musical taste which allows them to appreciate the finer tunes of our age, their children do not.

Thus, where the parents pine for magical Skinny Old White Male rock music, their children are happy with, indeed demanding to listen to Bieber, Avril and the likes. Which grates the souls of those poor parents, their delicately nurtured musical senses offended to high heaven by the very existence of these travesties. As a well-established music blogger, I have been privy to these complaints.

Dear parents: you cannot start the real thing too soon. No, maybe you can. I have a distinct memory of reading Hafez sonnets to my sister while she was actually still inside my mother’s belly, to no discernible effect these days except a deep hatred of everything to do with Iran, including the goddamn literature.

So, let us leave the foetus alone. I  proudly present to you The Princess, who at the ripe age of eight, clearly declares her hatred for Bieber and her absolute loathing and lack of comprehension regarding why everybody else loves him. What more could a parent ask for?

Just as religious parents eagerly instruct their children in religiosity, bathing the whole house in religious texts, sayings, music and pictures, we do the same with rock music. Not to the same extent, for  we do not want to produce the backlash and rebellion that these religiously-reared children often go through, to the dismay and despair of their parents and the secret delight of everyone else. But in our own unobtrusive ways.

So, we play the music, in the background. We watched “November Rain” together, the princess and I, some time ago. It did not induce the jaw-dropping effect it had on me when I first saw it back in the ‘nineties, but yes, she was impressed. How could she not be? Use your discretion. “Losing My Religion” is a bit too soon, all those gaping wounds and stuff, and hopefully they haven’t had enough heartache  for “Estranged”, but “White Wedding”? “Romeo and Juliet”? Cool.

Don’t leave a void for the brain-snatchers to fill.  Somebody is going to mold your precious child’s musical taste. Why not you?


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