Today, after living in this city for over three years, we discovered the most beautiful spot in Halifax, a five-minute drive from our place.

Imagine you are driving back from Walmart to Quinpool Rd. You curve around the Rotary, and start driving down that beautiful road by “The Arm”, where a finger of water from the Atlantic Ocean stretches inland.

Instead of following this road where it turns into Quinpool (which is our regular route), turn right by the bus-stop into a small parking spot. Park, get out of the car, and be stunned by the amazing water scape unfolding before you.

So we standing by the side of this broad expanse of water. On the far side, there are lovely houses climbing up amidst greenery, stately yachts and boats float around before us. To the left, we can glimpse the open horizon of the ocean. To the right, more greenery, boats and things. Green grass meets steely blue sunlit water, meets narrow beach.

…the sun is shining, and a crisp wind blows the boats and yachts about. Harder and harder. We watch hopefully as a yacht keels over almost 180 degrees, the sides barely  touching the water, the sails billowing out parallel to the surface. Is it going to capsize? Will the rich ponces on board fall in and soak? We hope harder, as hard as the wind blows. But the rich ponces know what they are doing, they pull on ropes or something, the yacht swings around and uprights itself. We are disappointed. We just realised we don’t know anybody who owns a yacht. We don’t want a yacht, exactly, as we wouldn’t know how to take care of it, but we would like to be invited on one.

We stare at the rich people scenery some more. Then we climb into our small battered car full of Walmart shopping and drive away. Remembering what a privilege it is to own a car.


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