School has started. While the princess babbles everyday about what they did and who said what and how “Michelle” totally copied the design of her creative writing notebook (orange and purple flowers and polka dots on a black background, for those who need to know), the golden boy remains curiously silent about How Was  School Today. So far, it seems the only interesting event that happened for him so far was that his best friend forever, “Mary Jane” (yes, a guuuuuuurrrrrl), brought pizza slices one day for snacks, and shared them with him.

So the next day, the golden boy took some pizza slices to school, with instructions to share with Mary Jane.

-“Golden Boy, did you share your pizza with Mary Jane?”


-“No? But why not?”

-“We’re not allowed to share snacks.”

-“So how come you could eat her pizza last time?”

-“I don’t know.”

Deep silence. Mother and son thought about the inscrutable and incomprehensible ways of authority. Then, the golden boy turned to his mom. “Do you know how to solve this problem?”

More deep silence. Mother and son pondered on how to circumvent authority. Mother felt totally futile.

One comment

  1. frist im like who is mary jane
    and then when the pizza part came im like ohhhhhh its g im going to call her becuase i do not how to sell her name

    i like how you give every body different name in your blog

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