I’ve been blogging for three years now. The blog first started as a way to keep in touch with my family and friends back in Iran after I immigrated to Canada, a way to share the immigration experience. But now it’s become a way of life. Or more accurately, a way of thought. I find myself thinking in terms of a blog post, visualizing my thoughts as 300+ word articles under the big capital letters that I’ve been using for my titles since the start. I also dream of blogging. I update my blog at least twice, if not more times a week, and I often restrain myself from updating everyday.

When I first started blogging, I imagined I’d get plenty of comments, and I found the idea exciting. Then I realised – you’re lucky if you get the occasional one comment. I used to put abusive or controversial comments under a different name in order to stir up controversy and get more comments- a trick I learned from my uncle who is a “public intellectual” in Iran and frequently writes for newspapers. It worked, but after a while, I couldn’t be bothered- I had already started the next blog post and wasn’t interested in looking back on the comments on the previous one. I also made little cards with my blog name printed on it and left it around wherever I went, but I was too inhibited too keep up with it- also, after a while I stopped caring about rates and comments, though I’m still enormously pleased when I get one.

Although my blog posts have been featured in CBC, Radio Canada, and the BBC programme “Have Your Say”, I don’t seem to have attracted a huge readership. My sister tells me because my sentences are too long, and because I don’t concentrate on a single subject. But I despise single subject blogs. She tells me if I write in farsi, I would instantly get a huge fan base -and then I’d probably be too afraid to visit Iran ever again. But I can’t write in Farsi, my mother language, as fluently as I can in English.

I said I stopped caring about comments- no- not wholly true. I fantasize about opening my mail and seeing I’ve received hundred of comments, that people are reading and responding to me. I read some “popular” blogs, but with a few exceptions, they generally seem so lame and simplistic. After a while, I go back to reading and writing my own blog. I don’t see the blog dying down- there’s always something to blog about.



  1. I think the reason we enjoy blogging is to get our thoughts in order. I call it Therapy 😀
    I hope I am you first South African visitor?
    The amount of visitors depends on which tags you use.

  2. Thank you for your “Like”! I visited your blog… very…interesting.
    Indeed, I don’t recall seeing the flag of South Africa before on the flag-widget on my home page before. Welcome, and I hope you return.

  3. hey, u never gave me the links for the bbc stuff…

  4. I know- it was back in 2009 and very soon after the CBC prgramme and I was afraid you guys would think I ad some delusion of becoming a pro blogger or sthg ;)- as you would say “jawgir”

  5. سروناز

    من خیلی وبلاگ تو را دوست دارم. خیلی شیرین می نویسی. ولی دلیل اینکه کامنت نمی گذارم این است که انگلیسی من مثل تو خوب نیست هر چند که در کانادا زندگی می کنم. اگر خواستی این دلیل هم به دلیل های دیگرت اضافه کن! خیلی وقت ها دلم می خواست که یک کامنت بگذارم ولی تا می دیدم باید انگلیسی بنویسم منصرف می شدم. البته یک دلیل دیگر هم وجود داره: چرا دادن ایمیل الزامی است؟

  6. thenewcomer

    Thank you for you sweet comment. I don’t know why e-mails are necessary- something to do with wordpress policy, i guess.

  7. I often made comments and you never commented on my comments, so I gave up. And now I see you are commenting on comments.

    I was going to tell you that that is a good thing to do – but you are already doing it.

    But I have enjoyed your blog since I found it almost at the beginning of its existence.

    • thenewcomer

      Queenie! I always tried to make a point of commenting on your blog!

      No big deal! We visited lawrencetown beach this summer- what amazing waves!

  8. you know filtering has changed internet surfing habits a lot, right now nobody gets too many comments, we read blogs in Google reader which surpass the filtering and is fast also, commenting goes on in Google reader shared items, do you share items by the way? i’d like to follow you there because i really enjoy your opinions and your point of view

  9. the other reason you don’t get many comment from Iranians is that you write in English, for a vast majority of internet surfers in Iran it’s not easy to read in English and then express their feelings or their point of view in English

    • thenewcomer

      fair enough. Moving on to a more interesting topic, i hope you have visited my new blog:

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