Job insecurity. Extreme homesickness. No idea what to feed the kids for dinner. General nausea when thinking about the future. No dental insurance. Halifax restaurants which have bars don’t let kids in after eight in the evening. Student loans.

Yes, right up there, close to the top of the list of Life’s Worst Problems in Halifax, is the frustrating issue of kids and bars, an issue which promises to make my delicately-reared children bar junkies the moment they can legally step into one.

I really don’t understand this rule. What happens at  eight o’clock? Adults suddenly start displaying child-inappropriate behaviour if they’re sitting at a bar? Suddenly children start downing martinis?  I still nurture this fond memory of Spain: sitting by a beautiful square at nine in the evening, surrounded by families with their children. Alcoholic drinks galore. Children not being traumatized. Everything normal. Realizing this scene is impossible in Halifax,  where as you walk into your favourite restaurants, the servers mutter, “I’m sorry, you do have to be out by eight…”

Apparently, children who grow up witnessing their parents drink in a socially responsible manner are less likely to become alcoholics than children of households where alcohol is forbidden. Hence my mission in life: to drink a much as possible, in a socially responsible manner of course,  in front of my children. Unfortunately, this mission is already damaged by this stupid rule, which has impressed upon my children how exciting and wonderful being in bars after eight is, so exciting that only adults can be there. The princess has already declared that once she grows up, she is going to visit every bar in Halifax after eight, all the time.

Stupid conservative throwbacks. Brothers in arms of the theocrats back in Iran.



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